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These days I am too busy to update this blog.


Visit ‘Olle Walkers’ on Facebook for the latest Jeju Olle Trail information in English


Send me an email. I will answer all questions I get about Jeju Olle Trail.


I love getting your emails from around the world about walking on the trail. Which trails are best? How do I take the bus? What should I do for accommodation? So the best way to reach me is to send a message to jimsaunders 10 at gmail dot com (of course make that a real email address with the @ and .) Sometimes I am a little slow with replying, but I will get back to you.


Welcome to Jeju Olle Trail Information. I am Jim Saunders and there are a few reasons why I decided to finally go ahead and take the plunge with getting this going.

One of the top reasons was thanks to my meeting with Laura Scott of Roam Far and Wide. After learning of her difficult experiences trying to walk Jeju Olle Trail as a foreign visitor we talked of ways I could let more foreigners know a native speaking volunteer was helping out.

The possibility of a blog came about.

A blog specifically about Jeju Olle Trail.

There are a lot of sites and stories out there that already cover Jeju Olle in a professional manner.

Yet there is not an English language blog which aggregates content and shows the behind the scenes workings of Jeju Olle through the eyes of a volunteer.

What happens out here on Jeju? What do walkers get up to? What do volunteers get up to?

So I thought long and hard about a blog. Then I thought some more. I was and still am quite nervous about getting one going.

The final ‘push’ for the set up was due to Steve Miller of http://www.qiranger.com. He came down to Jeju with his wife and I didn’t find out about his visit until a message flashed up on one of the Twitter key word searches I subscribe to.

Here we are and here is the blog.

I hope future Jeju Olle Trail walkers find it useful.

These days I pretty much write in Korean. You’ll find all of my Korean language stuff at http://www.jimsaunders.info. I also write a monthly story for a Jeju City Hall produced magazine.

In times gone by I also produced one of the first foreigner made English-language magazines on the island. Those were the good old days. I look back on them with fond, but tough memories. It was quite an amateur expedition yet a lot was learned during that time.

I also worked for Arirang Radio shows on the island.

Anyway I have many stories to tell from volunteering in the past and more to tell in the future no doubt.

Finally if you do have any questions you can reach me via email on jimsaunders 10 @ gmail . com or Twitter @jejujim or Facebook at www.facebook.com/jamessaunders1.

Alternatively contact me via official Jeju Olle Trail communications. Facebook is http://www.facebook.com/jejuolletrail and Twitter is http://www.twitter.com/jejuolletrail

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